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Tantra is a science of making life more balanced, beautiful and successful.
Yet the rituals and Sadhanas related to it prove truly efficacious when tried on special propitious days. One such period starts from Shivratri , through Holi and concludes on the last day of Navratri. Any Tantra Sadhana tried in this time span (4.3.2000 to 12.4.2000) can never fail.
Following are some very powerful Lama Sadhanas which have been borrowed from the diaries of revered Gurudev, who spent several precious years of his life as an ascetic in monasteries of Tibet assimilating extinct knowledge of Sadhanas with the aim of presenting it to the common man in future. Each ritual pertains to a particular aspect of human life and these rituals can truly make life total and fulfilled.


Even talent and high virtues are rendered futile in absence of a solid financial background. For a real prosperous life try this.
At night on any of these days cover a wooden seat with a white cloth and on it make a mound of rice grains and place a Tripitak on it. Wear white robes and sit facing North.
Next light a ghee lamp and chant the following Mantra continuously for one hour.
|| Om Eh Hum Bendejaa Guru Pemaa Siddhi Hum ||
Sleep at the same place after Sadhana. Put the Tripitik in some foodgrains and after a month drop it in a river or pond.


Physical balance is a boon which is the best in life for a healthy person can work hard, concentrate better and achieve success faster.
For riddance from mental and physical problems place a Vishuddhini at night before yourself on apiece of red cloth.
Fix your eyes on it and chant thus for an hour.
|| Om Pemo Unikaa Bimaale Hum Phat ||
The next morning have a bath and having rubbed the Vishuddhini over your body throw it in the North direction from your home.


Court cases, enemies, quarrels in family, problems at job, disputes with neighbours and many other such problems in life can be easily remedied through the means of the following ritual which removes all fears and obstacles from the path of life.
At night sit alone facing the South and place before yourself a Sarvaah in a copper plate. Speak out your problem. Light an oil lamp and chant thus 108 times.
|| Taayatyaa Om Bhekhand Je Mahaa Bhekhand Je Randejaa Saamyugaante Sohaa ||
Next day drop Sravaah in a river.


Today’s hectic life is enough to make one lose one’s patience and peace of mind. For deep and lasting composure try this.
Place a Kotaanam on a white cloth and sit before it facing North wearing white clothes. Chant thus for one hour.
|| Om Amaritaa Aayur Dande Sohaa ||
Later tie it in a white strip of cloth and on your arm. A month later drop it in the river.



Life is incomplete without marriage and a life partner. Yet sometimes due to planetary afflictions in one’s natal chart one could be forced to lead a solitary existence. To remedy this try this Amazing ritual.
Wear beautiful clothes , light incense and place a Triyak on some flower petals. Speak out the name of the person you like if there is any. Then sitting on your knees with folded legs chant thus for half an hour with your gaze on the Triyak.
|| Om Bobo Saaree Nisaaree Mo Ree Vaaree Sohaa ||
Afterwards tie Triyak along with flower petals in a handkerchief and place it in a wardrobe. After a month drop the Triyak in a river.


Whatever your sphere of work - teaching, politics, law, administration, media, trade - this Sadhana can bring sure success if tried with full faith.
At night on any day chant five rounds of the following Mantra with a Bodhistav rosary keeping your wish in your mind.
|| Om Dhrum Sohaa ||
After this wear the rosary around your neck for a month. Then drop it into a river.


The ultimate aim of human life is to become totally lost in the divine form of the Guru. For this at night place a Guru Yantra energised with Lama Mantras before yourself on rose petals. Concentrating on it chant thus for one hour.
|| Om Manni Padme Hum ||

Afterwards place the Yantra permanently in your worship place.


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